• One of the Muses
  • One of the Muses

One of the Muses

CK plunges into his memories of a past relationship as he stares as the dance of shadows in his bedroom.

Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Henry Hopper and Mia Serafino

Late at night, CK lies in bed and contemplates the shadows that decorate the bedroom walls. A shadow of a woman on the wall brings him back to his first love Sarah from their first seduction to their first silence in bed. A memory that has been warped over time, CK remembers.

Attached is the script with changes about WOODS location to abandoned area/factory after speaking with Pedro and also with the mother scene in bedroom.

Festival Screenings
November 2012 // Premiere: Rome Film Festival, Cinema XXI

General Info: Short Film, Fiction Runtime: 11 mins Status: Post-Production Date: November 2012